Welcome to my blog!

My name is Uchenna Umeh (oochaynnah oomay).

Welcome to my blog, affectionately called “wordsbyblackbutterfly”.

I have always seen myself as a butterfly. I believe that I “perch” long enough to make my mark on the lives I touch daily as I go about my business.

I am a pediatrician, a wife, a mom, a disabled veteran, a “doc-preneur” in the making, a teen expert and an exercise enthusiast! I am the founder and CEO of Teen Alive, an online teen wellness center, dedicated to fighting and ending teen depression and teen suicide. Check out our brand new website @ www.teenalive.com. I am also a National Speaker, a parent coach, and a teen coach. Check out our services page on the website for more info.

I have been a pediatrician for almost 30yrs. This is my reason for living…I absolutely LOVE what I do! My passion of late has however been focusing on At-Risk Teens: with depression, anxiety and suicide. Check out my weekly Facebook Live series every Sunday at 2pm CST on my Facebook page called “Ask Doctor Lulu“, where I discuss topics about teen life and teen (mental) health. Please Like my page, and feel free to share it on your social media platforms. You may follow me on IG: @askdoctorlulu. I am also on Twitter as Uchenna Umeh, as well as LinkedIn @uchennaumeh9. I also have a YouTube channel; Ask Doctor Lulu.

This is my second attempt at marriage, and while I have not mastered it, I believe I am doing a much better job this time around. I recently celebrated my 5th anniversary with my “wifener” who has also been my lifesaver, my business partner and adviser (thanks baby)

Of all the hats I wear, I must say that my mom hat is most definitely the best fit. It is the most comfortable, and also the most challenging. I am blessed with tres hijos (three sons), and they are simply put, my heartbeats, my lifelines, my Paches…(Papa, Chidi and Chidubem)

As a disabled Veteran, I am now beginning to see life through the eyes of the less physically able, and it is humbling. The VA has been instrumental in my current re-education (I am getting an Executive MBA) and for that I am grateful. To show my gratitude, I am currently doing a year long #22BurpeesforVets challenge to raise awareness for Veteran depression and suicide ( did you know that 22 Veterans commit suicide every day?) … join me!

I LOVE to exercise! In spite of my bad knee, my bad back, bad neck, and a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, I refuse to see my body as physically unable, so I continue to push myself to the max, and beyond… That is why I am SO proud to announce that I just got my certification as a Beach Body Coach!! I am currently working on getting my “Strong Zumba” coach certification.

Life for the most part is good, but as I approach the 50th anniversary of my birth, I am on a re-branding quest. I am trying to empower myself and change my outlook in life as I work on the many business ideas that I have. #moretocome.

In ending, thank you for visiting my “blog site”, I hope you enjoy my stories and my musings. Feel free to comment and reach out to me with any questions you might have.

Thank you, and again, welcome!